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What is Counselling

Counselling offers you a confidential, safe and undisturbed space to reflect on issues that have been troubling or overwhelming you. I will be guided by what you need so that we can look together to find ways for you to better understand and accept yourself and come to terms with difficult experiences you have had so that we can ease your suffering.

How many sessions will I need

I will be guided by what you need as we are all different and we can discuss this in our initial free consultation. It may be that one or two sessions is all you need, or a short-term model of seven sessions will be enough however longer-term work might feel more appropriate.  Once we get started, we can regularly review and adapt the plan to suit your changing needs.

Do I have to attend each week

Sessions are generally held at an agreed time each week which helps with continuity. I also find that it aids the therapeutic relationship, and both encourages and supports clients choices and progression moving forward. However, this is something we can discuss in our initial free consultation should you feel less frequency might be more appropriate for you.

What happens if I can't make a session

Sessions are paid for via BACS at least 48 hours prior to each session (rates are £50 per session).  I appreciate that sometimes life can be unpredictable, however I do ask for at least 48 hours notice if appointments need to be cancelled or re-scheduled. I will do my best to fit you in at another time during the week if a slot is available. If you miss a session for any reason without giving notice, the fee is payable in full.

What if I feel the counsellor isn't the right fit for me

I want you to have a positive counselling experience when sitting with me. I offer a free initial consultation appointment to help clients decide if they feel comfortable working with me and once counselling has started we will regularly review how it is going. I would always encourage you to raise any concerns as soon as they arise.

Can I continue to see my other therapist or begin seeing a counsellor from another organisation

Generally I would not see clients who are already seeing a counsellor. However, each situation is different so this is something which we could discuss in our initial consultation.

What if my question isn't answered

I welcome any questions you might have.

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