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Client Testimonials

"Liz allowed me to speak about anything and everything that bothered me. She was amazing and I'll carry the things that I have learnt in the sessions through life"

I quickly felt comfortable to talk freely to Liz in sessions, despite never having counselling before. These helped me make sense of how I was feeling, and I now feel more confident with a more positive outlook.'

"Liz has massively helped me process the loss of my Dad by helping me acknowledge and attend to the thoughts and feelings, that come with grief, in a suitable way. Along the way I have learnt so much about myself and have picked up many new methods to help me overcome future challenges in my life. Thank you Liz."

"Liz helped me open up, develop boundaries and decipher my feelings"

"Having worked with Liz, I would highly recommend her as a counsellor. She is considerate, patient and empathetic listener. I felt supported and safe to open up and be honest to Liz about the barriers which were stopping me from being happy. I would definitely use her again." 

"Genuinely heard me, understood me, held the space for me, nudged me back to myself"

"Liz enabled me to feel safe and talk about my experiences in a comfortable and accepting environment"

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